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A big and warm MAHALO to our friends @foodporn & my favorite ice makers on the block @theclearicecompany 💎🧊 for this AMAZING Teremana cocktail and for the #RideTheWave love ❤️🎶🌊 I know our bar businesses have had a rough go - and I can’t wait to get all our bars and bartenders up and running again so we can all get back to doing what we love - taking care of the people. Cheers and hang in there, my friends... we’ll get to the other side of this and raising our gratitude glasses in person 🥃🥃 @teremana @foodporn @theclearicecompany @gloss @laurenhashianofficial @naztokio @iamnataliemartinez #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople 🥃🥃💎💎💎

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In my office, 6am-ish;) and fueling my morning with @zoaenergy 🍃💥 Our days are long and busy, so I always anchor my mornings with healthy, positive ENERGY and I want you to do the same. Championing the everyday warrior in all of us, #ZOA #ZeroSugar AVAILABLE MARCH 1st.

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Truly the most rewarding aspect about creating @teremana is seeing people from all walks of life and all colors loving their Mana 🥃🌎🙌🏾 My goal is to create an amazing spirits experience that brings people together - and Teremana is that conduit and our first expression! Keep sending in all your amazing videos 👏🏾🥃🥂 #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople #teremana 🥃🥃

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Late night soosh train 🍣 🚂 cheat meal in full effect. Accompanied by soy sauce and hunks of woooooosabi and two big ass chocolate chip cookies. Enjoyed this quiet soosh time immensely and also enjoyed an excellent doc on President Lincoln 🇺🇸 🥃 Don’t cheat yourselves, treat yourselves and enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. Have a productive week ☑️

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But before you read his caption below, let me just say that I stumbled upon one of his stand up comedy posts and within a minute I was belly laughing and thought, “this dude has a great unpolished quality to him and he’s fucking FUNNY!!!” 😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 So I quietly followed him and his humble reaction is THE. BEST. I reminds me of how some of the best parts of my fame can inspire someone juuuuust a little bit more to keep pushing and striving for greatness. Remember his name, Rocky Dale Davis.... the world is gonna hear from him one day. Cheers, brother to always being the hardest worker in the room 🥃 Son let me tell y’all I ain’t one of those people that plays everything cool. “Act like you’ve been here before” WELL I CANT BECAUSE I HAVENT! I’m nothing more than a dumb kid from brookwood, AL, population 1800 according to Google. And @therock KNOWS WHO I AM, AND POSSIBLY THINKS IM FUNNY!!!! DUDE WHAT!!! THIS IS THE COOLEST THING THATS EVER HAPPENED TO ME! This past year has been an absolute shit show, if you’ve been following me you know it’s been a up hill battle the entire year. BUT WE DIDNT GIVE UP PEOPLE! WE KEPT PUSHING FOWARD! And this year things were coming together, my TikTok blew up, my Instagram was doing well, we are starting to sell tickets! And NOW THIS! HOLY SHIT! THIS IS VALIDATION DOG! This is proof that we are headed in the right direction people! I graduated highschool with a D-, dropped out of college in a month and been on a roller coaster ride of comedy the past 8 years, nothing separates you from me! Just don’t give up son. If you’ve been following me through this comedy journey, shit is about to get amped up trust me because this has got me wanting to run through a damn wall! I’ve worked with @steveaustinbsr and the rock knows who I am, life is complete! — — And yes in case your wondering I had several shots of tequila before this video. Drink @teremana Safely everyone! — Shout out to @lau.rahar.wood for not letting me cry to much on camera.

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Man this was heaven today 🌴🌺 I love people (as all of you know:) I love connecting with people. Our mana. Soul. It’s a special bond. But, I also love... no noise and no people 😂 I know the idea of being completely isolated from humans might sound a bit weird 🤔 but for me - a day like today where it’s just me, my girls and thousands of acres of no one... I’ll take that dance 🙋🏾‍♂️ We all need a piece of quiet heaven on earth. I found some today 🙏🏾💫🌎 Enjoy your weekend, my friends and go get some heaven 🙌🏾

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Wow @elhamster_23 coming thru with this amazing @teremana drip 💎💎💎 Appreciate the love 🙏🏾❤️ and we’re grateful and proud to be the most exciting (and record breaking) tequila brand in the world. Salud, my friend - enjoy your Mana and happy birthday 🥃🥃 #teremamatuesday #tequilaofthepeople #teremana

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This @teremana toast got me from @ryujoe. I understand and I know the pain, brother. I’m sorry you lost your father and I raise my glass of gratitude right there with you in honor of your dad. And she’s absolutely right — ASIANS DO ROCK!!! 😉🥃🥃👊🏾 Stay strong man and remember, now you can talk to your dad anytime you want. DJ 🥃 🖤

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The most delicious and most exciting tequila in the world has become @teremana 🙏🏾🥃🥃 THANK YOU EVERYONE who raises that glass of Mana and gratitude! I’m right there with ya... Salud 🥃 #manaohana #teremanatuesday #tequilaofthepeople

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Mark your calendar’s 🚨🗓 On FEBRUARY 16th the little afro boy who people always mistook for being a little afro girl (true story 🤦🏾‍♂️) arrives in your living rooms on @NBC. What a wild journey it’s been and unpredictable road of life.. ..as puberty was firmly kickin’ lil’ Dewey’s ass 🥾🤣 #YoungRock FEB 16TH on @NBC

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Midnight weekend vibes doing my signature - icy and freezer chilled @teremana 🥃🧊 and a great documentary. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out “OPERATION ODESSA” on Netflix. Insane real life crime tale of some guys “doing business” out of Miami. I lived in Miami since I was 18, and every once in a while we’d here murmurs of wild, cowboy shit going down in the 305 and this story is one for the ages. It also helps the guys in this doc have big, entertaining, ballsy personalities. That life always has a way of coming full circle. Great watch, put your feet up and enjoy your weekend. 🥃 👍🏾


Now despite my two year old looking completely TERRIFIED for her life that daddy is solely responsible for getting all the painful tangles out of her hair... *scroll left and you’ll see the calming energy, exceptional hair skills and extraordinary patience that daddy aka mr golden hands puts on full display 🤣✋🏾✨ I may be bald but I know a thing or two about hair. Mainly because I wish I had it 😂 #mrgoldenhands